Sunday, May 17, 2009

BC ferries Playground

I dare not rate this for fear of some horrid retribution from BC Ferries. However, as residents of Vancouver Island, and as parents, most of us have used and will again use the sweet little playground on the BC Ferries.

The one pictured here can be found on the two Spirit boats, the newer Coastal Celebrations boats have different play areas. It's really just aimed at the very little kids, but in lieu of there being a separate area for bigger kids, you often see larger bodies hurtling down the plastic slide towards a helpless toddler and you draw in sharply, hoping that neither one is your child. There are also several car or boat playthings which can be sat on and 'steered'. The walls are painted nicely and the whole playground is on a nice bed of carpet.

These playgrounds are very popular and I like the added touch of the hand sanitizer for when for when you leave. Hey! That's a thought, if all playgrounds had mandatory hand sanitizing BEFORE kids could use the apparatus.....just think how many less days off work you would have to have every year!

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  1. I noticed this weekend that one of the Ferries (I believe it was A newer Coastal Celebration boat) also has a television set in the play area, with a subtitled children’s show playing during the voyage.
    Won't expound on my thoughts about the need for a TV, but there you go!