Friday, May 15, 2009

Centennial Park Playground - Langford

Okay, so I think that this playground is called Centennial Park but I'm open to negotiation about that! It's situated just off Goldstream Ave on Carlow Road and has plenty of parking right in front of the little park.

Spilt into three sections, there is a small side for toddlers, a bigger kid side and smack in the middle is a small water park. All three areas are on pebble beds.

The toddler side has a newer metal climbing structure with double plastic slides, lots of things to climb on, a couple of bouncy animals and a pudding basin. There is also one of the old school digger machines. This area is set down slightly from the nicely kept grass and is circled by a low wall, which 'A' took great delight in running around, ignoring the flashy climbing frame proving my theory that kids can see ways to have fun regardless of where they are or what's available.

The big kid side has a wooden structure with a variety of ways to climb up and a spiral slide down. 'A' tried very hard to keep up with his 4 year old friend on this side but in the end it was too big for him and when he did get to the top it required a bit if deft climbing from me to help him down the slide on my knee. Which I enjoyed of course. There is a beam on this side where there must have been a tire swing at some point but sadly it's gone now. Over the grass just past this side there are washroom blocks. There are also picnic tables dotted around and some trees if you need some shade.

The middle water playground part looks like the oldest part of the park and features a metal and wood fire truck climbing structure, a high metal slide that comes down the side of a hill and water spray nozzles dotted around. The water wasn't on when we were there but it looked like it would be fun.

Unless I am completely losing it....which is entirely possible seeing as I spend my days reviewing playgrounds, I don't think there are swings in this playground. Despite parts of the park being a bit old, everything looks like it's been well-kept and loved.

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  1. I was just at this park today and I have to say that it's awesome! But there is a sign stating that the name is Kinsmen Play PArk, which I think is confusing because there are already so many parks in Vic with the same name.