Monday, July 13, 2009

Ecole Victor-Brodeur Playground- Esquimalt

Ecole Victor-Brodeur's playground at the corner of Old Esquimalt Road and Head St has tempted us many times but it's always been inside school hours so we haven't been able to sample it. So it was with great joy that we passed this morning, remembered that school was out and screeched to a halt. From the road this playground is a mass of bright colours and close up, it's a pretty big, but then again, it's a pretty big school.

There are two main climbing structures and if I was going to present an award to this playground it would be for most slides. Between both climbing frames, there are six plastic slides: one curly, one bumpy, one wavy, one straight and one straight double.

The climbing structures offer a multitude of climbing options and there are also a lot of nice little features such as activity walls, a house facade and piano chimes. There is a running roller, a plastic climbing mountain wall and a separate climbing wall.

Set back from the rest there is a row of eight swings, two therapeutic and the rest big kid. There is a smaller playground for smaller kids at the front of the school but it's all penned in just for school use- so toddlers or less adventurous kids might want to skip this one, though I am sure there is something for everyone here.

There is a bouncy bench, but not really any other facilities as it is with school playgrounds....except for parking of course...there's lots of parking.

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