Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alexander Park Playground- Fernwood, Victoria

Sandwiched between Bay St and Walnut St at Oregon Ave there is a little park - not much more than a grassy field, called Alexander, where someone builds amazing things when it snows. Winter 2008/09 there was an igloo that almost made me swerve the car as I drove past it looked so good.

Over on the Walnut St side of the park is a playground. It's not a big flashy affair, and it suffers from the usual fading in the sun/grafitti tagging but it's got some decent equipment and it is usually occupied.

There is one main climbing structure with a few climbing options, a tunnel, a high tower and plastic curly slide. There are swings, both toddler and big kid, an old metal seesaw, a bouncy animal and a huge bouncy double thing which I am going to have to come up with a better name for! All of this is on sand.

There are no facilities here, which is always 50/50 with a park this size but there is also not much in the way of any frills: not much shade, no picnic facilities and when I go there I always feel that the playground, and the whole park in fact, is slightly neglected.

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  1. Our old flat was just around the corner from this playground. It's an off-leash dog area for a good part of the day, so I think the city has neglected the playground facilities as a result.