Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seattle Roadtrip - Miller Playground

This is the second out of four 'guest' playgrounds to be featured from our trip to Seattle and if you draw lines between all four you can more or less pinpoint where we stayed.

The Miller Community Center is located on 19th Ave E and seems to be a hub of activity. It was a hot day when we visited and the water feature, a fabulous fountain-like design that shoots up blasts of water high into the air was far more popular than the playground next to it.

The playground itself is on a woodchip base and has a large climbing structure with lots to climb up, down, hang off and an assortment of slides: a short plastic curly slide, double metal slides and a higher plastic curly slide. There are several bouncy things, a short fixed zip slide and a tire swing. There are also six swings, two toddler, three big kid and one therapeutic.

There are good facilities there, washrooms, drinking fountain and lots of grass to play on. Then of course there is the water fountain feature which I was tempted to go in to cool down, but 'A' was a bit intimidated by the sheer bulk of the water flying around. Mind you, he is intimidated by a bit of drizzle too so that might not be a good measuring stick. This is a well-appointment, well kept playground that any child could enjoy.

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