Monday, June 15, 2009

Victoria West Park Playground- Esquimalt

Victoria West Park is sandwiched between Wilson St, Bay St and Esquimalt Road and semi-obscured by a cultural centre. There is an exciting looking little playground squatting there which 'A' points to every time we go past. We finally visited it and as it turns out, it's not actually that exciting.

Victoria West Park Playground is a pretty bog-standard Victoria playground. On sand it's one of those wood and plastic, slightly faded, slightly graffiti-tagged with some climbing options, a tower, a plastic curly slide and a tunnel. There is an old-school metal seesaw and a couple of swings set away from the main play area. Parking nearby would be easy, there's lots of grass but there are not a lot of facilities and frankly, I don't have a lot else to say.

Other than this:

You're pretty spoiled for choice when a playground like this is 'bog-standard'. It's well kept, and has good safe play options. I might not like sand...someone else might not like old seesaws, 'A' might not like the odd beetle or two that might occasionally scuttle around........but we're lucky to live somewhere with so many good play options for our children and writing this review today reminds me of just that.

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