Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cadboro-Gyro Park

Cadboro-Gyro Park at Cadboro Bay is hard to rate. I want to give it 10/10 for imagination and 1/10 for functionality. Every time we go there A is so excited but when he actually gets up to the playground, he is always disappointed. Let's start a new category for weird parks and it wins the award hands-down!

The playground is on sand (and you know how I feel about sand in play parks-ugg) and features incredibly exciting looking sea creatures. The octopus alone sends A into swoons on sight. However, when you get up close it is actually made of concrete and you can't slide down the arms as it promises from a distance. There is a pretty cool ship built there for kids to run all over but it gets really crowded and attracts dogs, which A isn't always keen on so if your kid isn't a dog lover you might want to watch out for puppy love rushing over for a quick face-lick.

The park also has the usual swings and a pretty cool metal slide. While it gains points for originality, the real attraction of this playground isn't actually the playground, it's the location- beautiful sea views, a great beach and lots of grass to run around on. There is a block of washrooms and picnic tables too, and parking which fills up fast on nice days.

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