Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Park Playground- Esquimalt

Memorial Park is a well-kept, leafy little park situated on the Esquimalt Road. There are lots of trees, so lots of shade, benches, picnic benches, grassy areas to play on and a surprisingly large playground area. There are two main play areas the first with a larger climbing structure aimed at bigger kids. This has a high curly plastic slide and a double metal lower slide and there a small range of options for things to climb up and hang off. There are some old-school balance beams which 'A' is really into right now and the whole lot is on a sandy base.

The other main play area is aimed at smaller kids and as well as the small climbing structure with wide metal slide there are 6 bouncy or twirly things and a digger machine, all also on sand. Now here's the sign that we are getting blase about this whole playground thing.......I stopped writing down details and now I can't remember exactly the swing set up but I think that there were two big kid and 4 toddler but I may be wrong. There are swings there at any rate and 'A's little sister had her first swing in one which resulted in her letting loose her maniacal baby laugh which drew a small crowd.

The thing that differentiates this playground from others is that it has a boat in it. A real, metal life size boat, the MV Centennial, which the kids were loving. There is also some old artillery equipment around the park that adds to the military feel and hopefully those don't work otherwise expect to see overzealous ten year olds engaging in cannon fire on the news any day.

You can park on Park Terrace or we used the car park over the road at the mall but you're probably not meant to do that. I also didn't see washrooms but I am sure I'll be corrected on that one if there are some there. Overall this was a decent playground in a nice setting and we'd definitely go there again.

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