Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blair park Playground - Gordon Head

Blair Park Playground is located at Blair Street & Carnegie Crescent in Gordon Head, Saanich. It's an unassuming little park, no facilities but nicely kept and the playground is surprisingly good for the size and unassuming-ness of the park.

On a sandy gravel (or gravelly sand base- depending on how you look at it) base, this playground is reasonably new and features a climbing structure with an assortment of things to climb and hang from, and with two metal slides, one quite high and one low and wide. There are four swings, two toddler, two big kid, though the big kid ones seemed wonky when I tried them out. There are another four swings set slightly away, like they've been shunned by the rest of the playground for being a bit too old or something.

There is a metal car feature which 'A' climbed into excitedly and out of pretty quickly when he realized that it really wasn't any more than a posh bench. Finally, da da daaa (that was a fanfare) there are two quite interesting and surprising features to this playground. The obvious one is the tall rope-strung roundabout thing. I'm going to call it a cone-rope roundabout. All I can think when I see it are unfortunate school kids being tied to it by more fortunate school kids and being spun around until their faces contort like they are on the wall of death rides at travelling funfairs. Mind you, I just re-read what I wrote and it didn't make it sound very nice but it is a pretty cool feature- and I do like roundabouts as you know. The second unusual feature is a balance beam. Never seen one of these in a playground before and I would like to make some witty comment about it but I can't think of any. I'm far too balanced today.......uggg.....

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