Monday, May 4, 2009

Porter Park Playground - PART ONE

I feel really bad giving out a poor review to this playground, but then again I am in the habit of thinking inanimate objects, including playgrounds, have feelings. But I feel the need to put it all into context.

I was driving down Fairfield yesterday when I spied this little park and I laughed at it. 'A' and I visited it today and the first thing I thought was that it was the playground that time left behind. 'A' didn't seem to care and was eager to get onto one of the toddler swings and he didn't pay any attention to the two children there who were actually playing with a bow and arrow. Who plays with bows and arrows these days? I started to think that this playground hadn't been left behind, but that there was actually some time warp and the children had been running around in it since 1982.

Anyway, then I started to feel sorry for the park. Compared to all the shiny new playgrounds around these days, it just looked like the saddest playground in town. However, when taking stock of the features to list in this blog I caught sight of a glimpse of red down over the grass and rocks and there, through the bushes I saw the actual saddest playground in town. See Porter Park PART TWO.

Anyway, back to business....the PART ONE playground, which is on a sand base has two toddler swings, two big kid swings, a metal slide with a spiral of metal as its only way up, a rainbow style climbing arch and a spindly metal seesaw. It's set in a surprisingly lovely little park with lots of grass and rocky outcrops and the world's oldest picnic table. There are no facilities, but despite all of this, 'A' and the park's two clientele seemed to be having a good time.

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