Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Victor School Playground- Victoria

Today was a scorcher and we were out and about when 'A' asked to go to a park, then asked to go home, then asked to go to a park......this flip flopping led me to take a turn down Denman Street, a street that we've not been down before and catching sight of a school playground there we decided to stop for a play. When you go to as many playgrounds as we do, it takes a really special playground to wow us. That might be because of fairy-like woods, or stunning views or amazing popularity or decrepit dangers.......but when we find those special ones the excitement is fantastic.

Today was one of those finds and it was 100% down to the equipment. Victor School is for children with special needs and they have built themselves a playground that the kids can access and enjoy. There is so much here that I don't even know where to start. There are nice wide ramps up and down that lead past some of the best activity walls that I have ever seen. There are steering wheels with gears to shift, rotating hour-glass wheels with silver sand that falls when you turn it, the alphabet with braille letters and many more.

The ramps lead in a sort of diamond shape, one corner of which goes onto a giant seesaw with bench seats at either side.

There are three slides: a static inducing triple bumpy plastic slide, a double plastic short straight slide and then an incredible roller slide (see top photo)that is really fast. There are numerous things to climb up and down, lots to play with and there are even two periscopes! There are two towers of differing heights and the whole lot is on spongy floor tiles.

As with many school playgrounds, there are no public facilities, though parking is not a problem, and there are no swings. 'A' usually loses it if there are no swings but he was so entertained with this wonderful structure that he didn't even notice.


  1. A few of the neighbourhood kids have nicknamed this playground "the bumpy slide" park. It's definitely a winner not only to us (the locals) but also to the "bridge & tunnel" crowd (aka, those who drive to it). One down-fall is the fact there is no shade.

  2. I happened to drive by the other day and was so excited to see this park. I honestly did make a mental note to myself to let you know about this playground lol.. Can't wait to go play there!

  3. We tried to visit it today, but it is closed to the public during school hours. Only available OUTSIDE 930am-230pm Monday-Friday. Can't wait to go after school hours!

  4. We went to this playground today - our 3 year old had a great time!

    There is, in fact, no shade (except for the shade of the building itself, which is not near the picnic tables) but we made it work. When I needed to nurse the baby I sat on the grass in the shade of the school, and the rest of the time we made our own shade for her at the picnic tables.