Thursday, June 4, 2009

Saseenos Elementary School Playground- Sooke

Saseenos Elementary School is on the Sooke Road just east of Sooke and the mere sight of their playground sent our preschooler 'A' into a tizzy. "Stop!" he shouted from the car as we drove past "I NEED to play". Never ones to cave to orders from the back seat, we drove on and had to listen to whining for the subsequent couple of hours until we drove back on our way home.

This playground is probably a toddlers dream set-up with it's sprawling landscape of ramps, low-level climbing features and activity walls. I just tried to list an inventory of all the features on this wonderful structure but honestly, there is too much to describe. There is a double plastic slide, a higher metal slide from a tower that has several climbing options for the kids to get up.

When we were there it was completely deserted but I could picture it in action with fifty kids running around happily. There are six big kid swings- no toddler swings and the base is woodchips. There is a playing field next to it and the backside of the playground has thick trees behind it's fence. There is a picnic bench but because it's a school and out of bounds for the public during school time, there are no additional facilities to use on weekends. Of course, there is no fighting for parking when school is out and the only thing that I could fault about this playground would be the proximity to a busy road, but it's well fenced off.

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