Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eberts Street & Bushby Street Playground - Oak Bay, Victoria

After we visited the playground that time forgot we decided to drive down Dallas Road to look at the sea, which was getting stormy. I went down a couple of roads that I'd never been down before and low and behold, there was another sad little playground in a triangle of grass wedged between Eberts and Bushby. I stopped the car and 'A' started yelling that he needed to go to this park to play, so it seems the more out of date a playground is, the more attractive it is to my son.

On a sand base, this playground looks like it was built in the same era as the Fairfield & Kipling one with similar spindly and peeling apparatus. On a sand base, this one features a decent metal slide, two swings (one toddler, one big kid)a picnic table, a climbing arch and it actually has....wait for it.....a roundabout! I love roundabouts though I don't know why because I only have to be on one for ten seconds before I want to barf. It must be something to do with all the time I spent watching The Magic Roundabout when I was a kid back in the UK. I could criticise this park for not being flashy but I can't help think that it seemed loved in some way. There were many trucks, buckets and spades strewn around in the sand giving it an often-used feel and it's tucked so out of the way that it's almost like it's actually in someones garden, or a private street playground. Anyway, I can't be too biased, so I have marked it as per the rest, but if you ever pass that way, give it a bit of love- it's quite sweet.

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