Friday, May 29, 2009

Ryan Street Playground- Victoria

Sandwiched between two parts of Ryan Street that don't meet (between Mt Stephen Ave and Cedar Hill Rd), there is a lovely little green space with one of those playgrounds lost in time. Actually, the bits of apparatus that are there are most likely just lost in grass rather than time.
There are rocky outcrops to climb on, trees and bluebells scattered around and hidden in the long grass there is a high metal old-school slide on sand, a seesaw on grass and then on the other side of the path there are two toddler and two big kid swings on sand. I have to admit that I relish finding oddball little parks like this one. I am not convinced that 'A' felt the same way though and he stood deliberating the long grass that he was going to have to wade through in order to get to the slide for some time before yelling "Pick me up".


  1. Now there is a square sandbox surrounding the slide that all the neighborhood cats use as a litter box. Yuck!

  2. There is a great playground between Ryan Street and Kings Street called Oaklands Park. It has a baseball field and soccer field, washrooms, climbers for big kids and little kids, swings, sandbox. It is a little way past Oaklands school on Ryan Street. You should review that one when you can.