Monday, July 20, 2009

Braefoot Park Playground- Saanich

Braefoot Park on McKenzie Ave is one of those places that you drive past all the time but that unless you have a reason to stop, you never will. We never had any reasons to stop until I caught a glimpse of playground equipment tucked behind the clubhouse thingy and I swerved across three lanes of traffic to get to it. Well actually I didn't, but it makes for a better story than if I just said 'we dropped by next time we were in the area'.

On a bed of gravelly sand, this is a nice new medium-sized playground. It features two separate play structures, one aimed at the bigger kids, one at the smaller kids and while we're on the big kid/small kid theme, this playground has the usual double double swing combo- two big kid, two toddler.

The smaller kid climbing structure features a bunch of imaginative climbing options including 'platform steps', a tower and a straight metal slide. The big kid side has some interesting rope climbing features- a sort of upside-down rope climbing cone, a rope climbing bridge linking to a separate tower and a tower with a metal slide that is nice and fast.

There is also a bouncy animal, a hanging 'wheel' feature, a climbing frame car and a balance beam. It's pretty obvious that we don't frequent this park and so it was a nice surprise to find such a well equiped playground. There are huge fields to play on, some shade and there might be washrooms in the building between the playground and the car park but if there are, they were not obvious when we were there. I don't know when this playground gets busy but it's a great little spot definitely worth visiting for a play.

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