Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How Wee Travel Saved my weekend

I am about to digress slightly away from my normal beaten track here, but I feel the need to babble on about my weekend.

A while ago I agreed to house sit for my folks, who live near to us here in Victoria, but it was Thursday before something of critical importance dawned on me. Our 1.3 year old daughter ‘S’ isn’t famed for her sleeping skills at the best of times but recently she has taken a serious dislike to her pack and play, which is what she has to sleep in when we go anywhere. So here were my choices for the weekend:

• Put her in the pack and play and have her moan, screech and flap about unhappily all night
• Have her sleep with us, which would mean no sleep plus a good kicking, scratching and screeching for my husband and I
• Unscrew her crib- which is no easy feat- and reassemble it up at my parents’ house

I was starting to panic when a friend suggested Wee Travel. A bit of handy googling and I ended up at where, to my delight, I saw that I could rent a crib. A beautiful, pristine folding FULL size crib. I got in touch immediately.
Less then 48 hours later I stood amazed at my parents house as I watched ‘S’ snoring away peacefully. No complaints, no fuss, no painful assembly. She slept all night. Anyone who has had two children within three years knows the precious sanctity of a decent nights sleep, so for that, Wee Travel, I owe you my weekend!

Launched in Vancouver by sisters in 2005, Wee Travel Baby Equipment Rentals has now added two more locations, Toronto and Victoria. They provide a full range of hard-to-pack baby accessories for hire, including car seats, strollers, cribs, playthings, highchairs and useful accessories that will make any visitor comfortable. Now I’ve done my fair share of traveling with our kids and have never used a service like this before now, so it seems ironic that I ended up testing them out for use at my parent’s place, only 7.5 minutes drive up the road. But Wee Travel’s Victoria owner Jennifer, made the whole thing so easy for me that I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Wee Travel also has formed partnerships with a whole bunch of useful and relevant organizations such as car rental agencies and hotels. They also have an exclusive partnership with a beautiful Vancouver vacation rental suite. Making it as easy as possible for their clients, Wee Travel items can be reserved on the phone or online, and you can choose to pick your rental items up or have them delivered. On top of all of that, they rent or sell the CARES child airplane harnesses and sell the super-cute Trunki kids Luggage.

I was so excited about the whole crib/sleep thing this weekend whilst house-sitting that I got sidetracked and forgot to paint. Yes, I forgot to paint. However, Wee Travel gave me the luxury to get distracted because if ‘S’ had been in that pack and play, I’d have been a whole different person this weekend!

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