Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cecelia Park Playground- Victoria

On Cecelia Road between Jutland and Manchester there is a square of grass with a rather good playground on it. We've never noticed it before which got me thinking that I only ever go down Jutland, not up it- yes folks, that's about how exciting my brain is today! Anyway, after I'd noticed it there in all it's unmissable primary colour glory, we had to return for a play and test out the equipment.

On a bed of woodchips, this new playground is in great condition and offers a thorough play experience for the kids. There are two separate structures, a lower, more accessible one for smaller children and a bigger more challenging one for the big kids. The smaller one has stairs up to the platform as well as a couple of climbing options such as a chain ladder wall and one of those things that looks like a giant pogo-stick on steroids! Although this structure is more accessible, it's not super-low, so smaller kids would definitely need some help though they would really enjoy the short straight metal slide on the way down.

The bigger structure is a spindly-looking affair with a ton of different climbing options to challenge bigger children. This one has a high straight metal slide- one of the higher ones around town which went really fast when I tried it out. What? I know adults are not meant to test the equipment but it was too high for my little 'A' so someone had to try it!

Finishing off this nice playground is the usual double big-kid, double toddler swing sets and a picnic table. There are benches and grassy areas to run around or picnic on. There are not other facilities and street parking is limited but possible. If you're passing, check this playground out- seems like a good once especially for older kids.

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  1. This park is not actually on Cecelia Road. It is on Sumas St (one street closer to Burnside than Cecelia). It is called Sumas Park and it is awesome!! Both my kids (almost 2 years old and just over 4 years old) love it and can climb on both structures. My youngest even goes down the crazy high slide even though she is often hesitant with slides. A great park.