Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nicklaus Drive Playground- Bear Mountain, Langford

Okay, so the playground on Nicklaus Drive up on the Bear Mountain resort wins the prize for highest playground in the area- feel free to challenge me on that one!

The playground is a nice one tucked onto one of the highest roads on the resort and according to a resident that we talked to, the only playground on Bear Mountain. This is surprising on two fronts, 1- because it's a massive development with many young families who would appreaciate a good playground and 2- because Nicklaus Drive is so high. With weather the way that it is around here it would make sense to me to have the one and only playground as accessible to as many as possible and this one is high up and if you drive from the entrance of the resort to the centre, you will not pass it.

There....finished that rant. The playground itself okay but not great, though I am sure that any parent would be happy with their child playing there. It features two small climbing structures, a small tower with a low plastic slide and a higher metal climbing tower that has a few good climbing options for the bigger kids.

The playground is set on gravel and there are two twiddly stem things a bouncy thing and a pudding basin. There is a swing set with one toddler swing and one big kid swing and there are benches, a good path around and you can park easily on the road. There are no other facilities, but this is a residential playground so that's normal.

The equipment, the location and the surroundings to this playground are all good, my only issue is that if this is the only playground in this new, profitable development, then it could be so much bigger and better.


  1. if you kept driving up the mountain to the very top and turned left you would have found another little playground..even higher up!

  2. we're gonna check these two out today!!!!