Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lafayette Park Playground

The people who live around the tiny little Lafayette Park are lucky. It's a nice quiet area with well-kept houses and the sea is near. There is a country village green feeling to the park which makes me think that if you added a cricket match, cucumber sandwiches and a country pub, everything would be complete. Instead of that dream scenario, there is a sweet little playground.

On a circular bed of woodchips, this playground features one climbing structure that has an assortment of things to climb up and down. It has a fun triple bumpy plastic slide, one bouncy animal and a pudding basin. There are no swings and it's hard to rate a playground like this because it's a bonus to have the playground, which is in great shape, there at all. When rating, I try to look at overall facilities and condition and who it caters to and this little gem is really one of those that everything is right with, nothing should be any different but it just isn't going to score that highly because there's not a lot of it.

There is parking on Hampshire Road, lots of grass to play on, picnic tables and there are even nice details on the underside of the slides. For those that like a good old fashioned explore, there is a hole in the hedge that 'A' was somewhat preoccupied with.....and considering his current fear of beetles, ants, loud noises, quiet noises, tiny little gusts of wind and anything that looks like a worm, I didn't encourage him to go in there so can't comment on what's inside.

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  1. My children really like this little playground. They call it Cupcakes, because once my son met a little girl who showed him how to make cupcakes out of the woodchips. Going into the hedge is one of their favourite things about the playground, and I have many very charming photographs of them playing hide and seek in the laurel.