Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Playfair Park Playground

If you have never been to Playfair Park you should swing by (there you go dad...a pun just for you!) sometime because it's really pretty. I stumbled across this park about three years ago and although I don't go there very often it seems to pop into my mind frequently.

You can get to this small park from a number of directions but the official entrance and car park are accessible from Rock Street which runs off Quadra. It's one of the local places where they are running a Garry Oaks restoration project- if you had an older child who was into nature it could be fun to visit all of these. 'A' didn't care about the beautiful Oaks with shafts of sun seeping through onto the thousands on bluebells; oh no.....he was too busy tiptoeing through the grass on the lookout for evil beetles.

The playground is nestled into a corner where, surprisingly (small park)there is also a washroom block and a picnic table. On a bed of sand (you know how I feel about sand) the climbing structure is wooden and provides a number of ways for children to get up, and down, on one of the two plastic slides. There is a bright blue tunnel to scramble through which 'A' loved, and good old-fashioned tires to climb up, where he experienced his first accident since we started this project- a slip of the foot and he momentarily disappeared between the tires and the climbing frame. Thankfully, the SAND broke his fall (thanks sand!). Riding the bouncy deer ,which incidentally looks like it ran aground in the sand, consoled him and we quickly moved on to the swings- the usual double big kid, double toddler combination.

This is a lovely little park with a well-kept old school playground.


  1. this is the most awesome park around i rate it a 10

  2. My daughter just turned 2, and we visited a couple of times last summer (when she was around 1 1/2) but I haven't been back. The park itself is pretty, and the playground looks like it would be great for older kids, but at the time I felt like even accessing the small slide was unsafe for my daughter to do on her own. There we things she could do, and swings are always a hit, but there are enough parks close by that I think there are better ones for toddlers. We go to nearby Reynolds Park instead for quick outings.

  3. the park is slated for an upgrade in the future. i really hope they keep it for older kids as well as young.

    i would have loved this park as a kid.... and do as an adult.

  4. Playfair park has so much more to offer than you have mentioned. There is a huge path that acts as a maze for older kids. I used to spend hours there with my friends and siblings. There is no better hide and seek spot or freeze tag anywhere.

  5. You definitely need to return here, they've just updated all the equipment including the benches and picnic tables. While they had to take two trees out for the new equipment, it is just as awesome as ever!