Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rathdown Park Playground- Sidney

Okay, so when we visited Tulista Park Playground we took a drive around and stumbled across Rathdown Parkwhich is at Calvin and Bowerbank. We didn't have a whole lot of time to play there, but all playgrounds are worth stopping at, which we did. It's not a glamorous playground, but it's solid and offers some nice playing options. The wooden climbing structure has a ramp, a rope ladder wall and two slides- a half pipe plastic and a higher metal. There are two swings, an old-school climbing frame which is like a long ladder that goes up, across and over (need to think of a name for that one!) and there are two swings- one toddler and one big kid. The playground is on teeny tiny gravel and the park itself is well kept. There are not really any facilities here and there is not much shade but there are good picnic tables, and benches around, and parking was easy on the side road.

We visited this playground a while ago and I needed some help in figuring out exactly where it was. One of the many helpful replies (thanks ladies) gave me this nice tidbit that I thought I should share:

"There is a very large green space that is great for flying kites and driving around remote controlled toys. It is also a good place to learn to ride a 2 wheel bike since there is a very long asphalt pathway that has soft grass on both sides. The large field also tends to flood in the winter and if it freezes the kids like to skate (with their shoes on) on the ice."

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