Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seattle Roadtrip - W Queen Anne Playfield Playground - 10/10

The third of the four Seattle playgrounds that we visited is located in the corner of the W Queen Anne Playfield and is yet another gorgeous playground.

There are two main structures linked by a rope bridge which 'A' actually conquered fear to climb across, Man on Wire style (well, if holding your mum's hand counts). The whole playground is well thought out, well kept and the kids there loved it. There are four slides, a double plastic curved, a straight metal and a high bumpy curved plastic one too (big-time static!). There are tons of ways to climb up and lots of things to hang from and there is even a sort of built in bike that doesn't really do much. believe me I tried it with the brief hope that it might help take off the pizza from the night before but I don't think the two awkward turns that I managed will have done much good for me. Sigh.

The playground is on woodchips and has that large bouncy surface between the main climbing structure and the swings. There are lovely sculptured rocky walls to sit on under the shady tree and even a sandpit filled with good quality toys. There are the usual double double swing combinations (two toddler, two big kid) and lots of places to sit and play for those not wishing, or being too old to play on the apparatus. I didn't see washrooms but there are probably some at the bottom of the hill and even if there are not, I don't really see how they could improve this playground.

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