Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kinsman Beach Park Playground- Chemainus

Kinsman Beach Park Playground can be found on Chemainus's Esplanade and is worth a visit. It's tucked in a residential neighbourhood and the park is right on the water's edge which affords good views during swinging time.

The little playground, which is on small pebbles has some interesting equipment and we found it to be a breath of fresh air. For the sake of reviewing, there are 5 separate play areas. To start off there is the usual double big kid, double toddler swing combo and as said before, there were good views of the sea and some decent people-watching if you face the right way.

The second piece of equipment is a good old fashioned slide. It's straight steps up, metal slide down and although it was a bit high for 'A's 2.5 years, I tested it out....just to be able to comment, of course, and it was a good ride. Next there are 2 things- a segmented plastic tunnel and a climbing thing with stacked plastic curved pieces and bars at the top to hold on to.

Finally there is a climbing structure. It's a small wooden tower with stacking plastic pieces to climb up, a climbing wall style ramp to climb up, a tunnel and a small double plastic slide down.

The park is quite small and has washrooms, parking, picnic tables, grassy areas and lots of shade. Couple those things with the view and this playground is well worth a visit.

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