Saturday, June 6, 2009

The watering Can at Beacon Hill- Victoria

We've been past the Watering Can at Beacon Hill Park, officially known as the 'Watering Garden' many many times and until about a week ago I thought it was just a large piece of outdoor art. All I can say is "If only all large pieces of outdoor art had buttons on that when pressed, produced water!"

At this point before residents or visitors who know Victoria's climate burst out laughing, it's worth noting that at the time of writing we are in the middle of a super, super heat wave and frankly if there could be a fountain of cool water squirting through my kitchen as I write this I'd be pretty happy. Plus the insurance would probably cover my dream kitchen makeover instead of me having to pray that Debbie Travis will pay me a visit any time that I leave the house....which likely isn't going to happen....but back to business anyway.....

So, the watering Place is an enormous watering can that doubles as a water playground for the little (and big) ones. It wasn't actually on at the time I was there with my camera but if you want to see it wet, google it and choose 'images' and you'll see a slew of photos. We will definitely be coming back soon.

You can find the Watering can at the entrance to the park at Simcoe and Douglas. Just in case you're interested, there is some pretty cool info about the Watering Garden here

I couldn't find the hours that the water is turned on but will post them as soon as I find them. Oh, yea...the usual blurb....washrooms located nearby next to the playground and Beacon Hill Park has a TON of activities, picnic tables, grass, ducks and of course our favourite, the Children's Farm aka the Petting Zoo.

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