Friday, June 12, 2009

Transfer Beach Playground- Ladysmith, Vancouver Island

We got a hot tip to visit Transfer Beach in Ladysmith and we were told to 'plan to stay a while', and if we'd taken a tent with us, we'd likely still be there. Well, that might have something to do with the fact that as inept campers we'd probably still be trying to put the tent up but I guess that's missing the point. The point is, it's a lovely spot with fantastic facilities.

The beach is located off Transfer Beach Blvd which runs straight off the Trans Canada Highway and there is plenty of parking though we went on a week day and I expect that on weekends in the summer the place must be rammed. Transfer Beach Park has picnic tables, covered picnic tables, washrooms, a drinking fountain and lots of pristine grassy areas to play on.

There are three main playground areas. The first one that you get to is called Totland and is a wood construction on fine pebbles and features a plastic slide and a double plastic slide, a whole bunch of tires to climb up, ramps, tunnels and steps with a separate 'lighthouse' and 'boat' to climb on.

The second area is called Kidland and is basically a great mass of wooden ramps with swinging bridges, tires to climb up and down, slides- an old curly metal one and at least one metal double. In this area, which is also on the fine pebbles there are also three toddler swings, big kid swings and a tire swing.

Just down the grass there is a water playground called Ladysmith Centennial Spray Park which features a bunch of things that spray. The sign reads 'June to Sept- 10am to dusk'. Just over the grass, right on the edge of the beach there is a metal boat for kids to play in, which rests on and is covered in sand.

We had enough time to have a go on everything here but we didn't have long enough and will definitely be back for a full day sometime this summer.

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