Monday, October 19, 2009

Oaklands Community Centre Playground- Victoria

Oaklands Community Centre in Victoria has one of those continuous play playgrounds that you want to take your child to after they've accidentally discovered your secret chocolate stash. Ho hum.
Nestled on a piece of land next to the community centre on Belmont Avenue, the equipment is in a long line and has climbing, swinging and stepping features all in a row. There are chain ladder walls, climbing walls, curved steps, and springy mushroom-like pods to step along. These start in a couple of climbing platforms which have a rope bridge, and they end with the piece de resistance, a rope pyramid.

There are lots of benches, some shade, lots of great grassy areas to run around in and parking is easy. When the community centre is open there are other facilities, though they probably like to save those for paying customers....err....if you see what I mean. This playground is bright, attractive and in good shape but it's probably best for the older kids. 'A' really really wanted to go there and play, but we ended up staying mostly on the rope pyramid because the climbing structure was a bit advanced for him. And I'm also thinking that we spent so much time on the climbing pyramid because he gets tangled up in them every time.

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