Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tulista Park Playground -Sidney

I am so happy to have moved to the new rating system (where you rate it using the 5 star system on the top of each posting) because I would be terrified to give Tulista Park Playground in Sidney anything less than...hummm....20/10. I have received over TWENTY top tips to go review this one and they have all been extremely enthusiastic and if I dared to give it less than top scores those tip emails might turn to hate mail!

So when we packed up the car and drove to Tulista Park I was filled with hype, expecting to see some towering sparkly construction that would make Beckwith Playground seem inadequate and I have to be frank here, I was disappointed. What I saw was a hodge-podge of climbing structures and playthings surrounded by a wire fence and plonked down in a stunning location right by the water. For some odd reason, I couldn't find a way in. We circled most of the way around the playground before entering through an awkward gate that required some creative moves with the stroller. After we were inside, I saw that there were at least three more gates in including one that was right by where we parked. So that was my first embarrassing mistake. The second was getting the stroller stuck in the pebble base and needing help to get it to some shade (thanks to my helper!). I'll tell you about the third later.

So whatever Tulista Park Playground lacks in wow factor, it makes up in for function. There are three climbing structures. The first is a large wooden, construction that includes lots of climbing options, a metal curly slide and two plastic tunnels, a full tube and a half tube. 'A' went on this one briefly but said it was for big boys. The second structure was a big hit with 'A' who spent the most time on there. It features little-kid-friendly climbing options, a curved plastic slide, a double bumpy plastic slide and a huge yellow tunnel. The third structure is actually an enormous Little Tikes plastic castle with slides. 'A' seemed to like this one at first but grew bored quickly so it's definitely a great toddler option. There is also a thing with no name, three tunnels to crawl in that meet in the middle- the sort of thing that the Tombliboos from the Night Garden might live in- but I couldn't get a photo as it was always occupied when we were there.

There are swings scattered around, two big kid and four toddler and there is a covered area with picnic tables adjoined to the playground. There are washrooms, somewhere to buy snacks and of course there is a lovely expanse of grass leading to the seawall, and the views are beautiful.

As we left I saw possibly the cutest car in the world parked next to mine and as I was checking it out I managed to crash the stroller over the car park curb which sent my purse flying and two mothers had to run to my help (thanks ladies!). After all my blunders I should have sworn never to return but as we drove off 'A' dictated that that wouldn't be the case in one simple statement. "That's my favourite park mummy".

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