Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cook Street & Blackwood Street Playground - 2/10

I have no idea if this playground has a proper name but it's lodged in a small triangle between Cook St, Blackwood St and Kings St. It's a busy stretch of Cook and the park isn't anything great to look at. It has a sand base, which is my least favourite base not only because sand gets everywhere, but because I always worry about what's buried there and I am not a big worrier.

This poor little playground is trying it's best but not doing too well. There are ugly graffiti tags and it seems run down. I like to visit playground between bed and dinner and on the two occasions that I have taken A to this one in the evening, there have been street people drinking there. It's not a rough area but the park doesn't score high marks with me.

There is a curly slide set on a wooden climbing structure that has plastic tunnels. There are things to climb on but again, they are a bit run down and even the activity wall had graffiti on it.

In its favour, A is a big fan of ramps so he likes to run up and down on this one but he was reluctant to go through the tunnel which was full of sand. There are better parks to visit around Victoria.


  1. This park is set to be redeveloped by the city. There's an Open House at the Blanshard Community Centre on April 7 from 6:30 - 8:30. Fingers crossed we get something cool as I agree, this park needs serious work!

  2. As of fall 2010, there is brand new equipment at this playground. It's a great little spot now - rarely busy with 2 sets of equipment that suit different ages and interests. There are also new trees, grass, benches and lights. Much better!!

  3. This park has all new equipment now.