Sunday, May 17, 2009

Queens Ave Playground

There are two playgrounds alongside of George Jay School on Cook Street. One belongs to them and is in serious need of an overhaul. The other is in the grassy park at the dead end of Queens just East of Cook St. and contrary to what most people think, this bigger playground doesn't belong to George Jay.

The playground on Queens has the usual double big kid, double toddler swing combination and then it has two climbing structures, a sprawling one with ramps ('A's favourite) and a small sort of slide tower with double plastic slides, all over a woodchip base. The larger structure has lots of things to climb up, run down and it spans several platforms all joined in one way or other- and a plastic slide.

And, stop the clocks.......this playground has a roundabout too! It's a bit beaten up and it looks really old-school, but it goes around and around and I get that feeling that I'm about to throw up. The roundabout is about the most interesting thing here, though this playground is near to our house and we actually quite like it. It's worn and although it is almost never empty it never seems to have many people using it either, though during school breaks it is probably covered in school-kids and the poor school first-aid room must get regular casualties who received rope burns from their first and last attempt at using the rope as a fireman pole.

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