Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Franklin Green Playground- 9/10

Okay, so Franklin Green Playground scores points because....wait for it.... it's featured online! How exciting I hear you cry!

Nestled on Mason Street behind Wellburn's Market, Franklin Green is a newer playground that has been well thought- out and is obviously an asset to the neighbourhood. When we visited it the weather was grey and threatening to rain and there was no one else there which delighted 'A' because he is going through a disliking of 'people' patch. We hope it's a patch.

There are great climbing frames here that are even labelled for their age group appropriateness. With a spongy floor tile base, there are two metal slides and a wavy plastic thing that might be masquerading as a slide or it might be to climb up (see glossary section for things with no names). There are numerous climbing features for bigger kids including a climbing wall and lots of things to hang off if you've got the upper body strength, which, as we discovered, I don't. I know that I violated the age sticker, but hell, there was no one around.

There is the normal two toddler, two big-kid combo of swings, a metal picnic table and an interesting bench swing over a sand pit which I couldn't photograph because a father/son combo came along to sit on it.

The floor tiles are great- a definite score booster and also there are two bouncy animal things that are a nice touch.


  1. As a member of the North Park Neighbourhood Association Board that worked hard with the City to reclaim this park from the condition it was in previously - it makes me feal really good that we achieved what we set out to do - which was to create a place for kids and parents that both would really enjoy. Hopefully "A" will continue to enjoy the park and the NPNA will do our best to continue our park improvements!


  2. We live near this park and i cant tell you how much of an improvement it is from its previous condition. The kids love playing here- my 4 year old love the "cement track " he can run around the park on. We were all glad when they kept the bench swing after the renovations although it is totally misused by older kids. The NPNA did an awesome job reclaiming this park and I know area residents LOVE IT!

  3. We decided to visit this park based on your review. I took a 3.5 yr old and a 20 month old and they had a great time. The grass was quite long and in need a of serious mowing..but the play area was clean and had great aopparatus for both of them. There wasnt any one else at the time were there.but we would defintiely come back again.

  4. I used to visit this park quite often with 3 1-2 year olds. The children always have a great time running around and climbing. It is a well designed park that can keep them engaged for hours.
    We stopped going after a few too many confrontations with some high school students who like to use the park to fight and smoke cigarettes--on the equipment, paying no mind to the toddlers approaching.
    There is also an abundance of drug paraphernalia, especially around the bench swing which lies over a sand pit---very attractive for the toddlers.
    Perhaps the police could walk through around the noon hour to discourage the teenagers.

  5. What time was your last visit the park (i.e. a couple months ago or?)? Members of the NPNA as well as SOLIDS patrol the park to make sure it is free of needles and other undesirable elements. The needle situation has improved recently through out the area since the needle exchange is now a mobile arrangement however we still have issues in spots.
    I will raise the point with the Executive of the NPNA and see what can be done (including getting the city to mow more frequently)- perhaps elimination of the sand etc.
    Getting police to patrol requires citizen action - if you feel threatened or otherwise call them on the non-emergency number. Unfortunately police resources are scarce so they need to be called to get attention otherwise it goes by the wayside.

    Also of note - Franklin Green is the NPNA Neighbourhood Festival venue - coming up Saturday August 29 – 12:00 – 4:00 PM with events for the whole family!

    Cameron - NPNA Communications Chair

  6. I agree that the teenagers are quite a deterrent during particular times of the day. I and my toddler used to regularly hang out in the park with other mums and toddlers after our Music Together class at the Conservatory. The park was perfect for the little ones, but groups of teenagers would come and take over the swings or one of the climbing structures. After having to ask on several occasions for teenagers to move so the little ones play, we just got tired of dealing with them and their surly attitude and we found other parks to play in. The irony is that we never had a problem with any of the "marginalized" adults who hung out in the park.