Thursday, January 1, 2009

Partnership with Habitat Inc

For anyone who doesn’t know about Swings and Roundabouts, this site does not make any money and there are no plans for it to make any money. It is set up to be a resource for families with occasional competitions. There are costs associated with the running of a site like this- primarily time- which I volunteer, but occasionally other costs like website hosting, domain names and so on which I pay myself. In the summer of 2009, my decrepit old laptop started making whirling and grunting noises while sending out hot electrical smells and it looked like Swings and Roundabouts might come to a nasty end until I had the resources to replace it. Habitat Systems generously offered to come to the rescue and have provided me with computer equipment which enables this project to continue and grow. This partnership has grown from a mutual admiration between myself and Habitat and to maintain that mutual respect, the partnership in no way affects the way that I view or review a playground.