Sunday, May 31, 2009

Centennial Park Playground- Central Saanich

A while back we got a hot tip to review Centennial Municipal Park Playground in Central Saanich and the top-tipper said "The ghost town of playgrounds because there is never anyone there". Well, the top tipper was right. My photos are lousy because it was deserted and spooky and I was running to get away. Okay, so that's not strictly true.....there was no one there and then when we were leaving and about to take photos a bunch of children came screeching towards the equipment and I had to take a fast shot before they were all over it.

Anyway, it's one of the few playgrounds that we have visited that is completely surrounded by forest- which in hotter weather is great because it provides tons of shade. The playground is a small part of a large park just south of Saanichton which features lots to do including walking trails.

There are two main structures, on a bed of woodchips with a separate swing set that has two toddler and two big kid swings. The smaller climbing structure has a tallish tower with a metal slide which links to a smaller tower via a bridge (always a hit with 'A')with double metal slides and there are a reasonable number of climbing options. the bigger structure seems older and has a few things to climb up and a higher tube plastic tunnel (think static!). There are also some bouncy animals for those that like them.

This playground isn't overly impressive but the shady location and other facilities makes it a pretty attractive destination. There are lots of playing fields and courts around and the facilities right by the playground: drinking fountain, washrooms and a great covered picnic area are ideal.

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