Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fern Street Secret Playground- Victoria

So I got a hot tip from a very excited friend who told me about a secret playground that was hidden off Fern Street which runs between Begbie and Fort. Well Ms M, it's not secret anymore! I don't know what to call this playground because it has no sign and it doesn't appear on any of my maps. Anyway- you can take walkways from Fern St or Chestnut St or you can take the drive-with-no-name that runs off Fern.

This playground is in a little square of park overlooked by condos and apartments and it features one large, worn structure on a bed of sand. A's aversion to sand has grown to the point where he turned his nose up at the playground and stalked the parameter like a tiger. Well, a small defenseless, stripeless tiger that's scared of sand, ants and beetles.

The structure has wooden ramps that lead to several platforms of different heights that are connected by a plastic tunnel. There are a lot of playgrounds around the city that are very similar to this but this one is bigger and a little more interesting. For example, it's got enough platforms at different heights to make it that bit more interesting plus it's got one of those sweet little picnic tables built in which get me every time.

There are a variety of things to climb and hang from including a rope wall, a ladder of things that look like handcuffs and there's a curly plastic slide for a quick, staticky escape. There are also a range of activity wall features such as match-the-picture-cylinders though sadly this era of playground has become dated and the activity wall features that are on newer structures around town outshine these. A did sample the swings that accompany the climbing frame- the usual double toddler, double big kid swing combo. There are not really any other amenities here though I'm thinking there was a drinking fountain but that could just be my over-active imagination playing up.

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